Stylish Mastectomy Swimwear For All Ages

Swimming is a wonderful way to exercise or a relaxing pastime, and when you have a prothesis to deal with it is imperative that you feel safe and secure when you go into the water.

To ensure you have fun next time you get wet there are some super stylish swimsuits that have been specifically designed with beauty and comfort in mind. Specially designed pockets will hold your prothesis in place, soft cups will mould to a natural shape and adjustable straps will allow you to have a perfect fit.

Whether you prefer a burst of colour or a more conservative look there is a perfect swimsuit for you created from quality fabrics that will stay looking beautiful even with regular use and some help for our easy care guide.

‘FIRE AND RAIN’ Tankini from SUNFLAIR® – A fabulous burst of colour and comfort in one swimsuit.


‘BLUE SUMMER’ One-piece from SUNFLAIR® – A classical navy and white combo of spots and stripes for a classy look.


Chlorine proof one-piece from SUNMARIN® – The perfect choice for serious swimmers, made from fabric designed to withstand the damaging effects of chlorine.


‘BURNING FEATHER’ One-piece from SUNFLAIR® – A gloriously colourful way to make a splash!


‘BLUE ORLEANS’ One-piece from SUNFLAIR® – With just a pop of orange and a pretty neck tie.


These quality German swimsuit brands are renowned for bringing innovation and the latest trends to their ranges each season and these mastectomy swimsuits feature up to the minute designs. Whichever swimsuit you choose, rest assured that you will look and feel beautiful and can confidently go swimming. To find your local stockist in Australia or New Zealand please email doris@fashionsplash



Stylish swimsuits for serious swimmers!

With the temperatures really starting to drop now, one of the best ways to keep active is to head to your local heated pool. Swimming is a great way to keep fit and tone muscles without the risk of injuries often associated with other types of exercise. Whether you just go and swim laps or join in a specially designed water fitness class, the one thing you really must have is a suitable swimsuit.

Choosing the right swimsuit is vital, as chlorine in indoor pools can quickly destroy the fibres of a traditional swimsuit. Thankfully there is an innovative swimsuit fabric PES that is ideally suited to regular pool swimming as it is very resistant to chlorine even with regular use. This fabric also has the shortest drying time which is great if you want to hop in and out of the water.

This fabric is also pilling resistant and offers two way stretch for perfect fit and comfort and there are some stylish swimsuits available that look fabulous as well. No need to compromise style for lasting durability.


‘Copper Sunset’ from SUNFLAIR®.


‘Serenity’ from OLYMPIA®.


‘Fire and Rain’ from SUNFLAIR®.


‘Color and Black’ from SUNFLAIR®.

To ensure your beautiful swimsuit stays looking good for as long as possible, please ensure that you spend a little time after each wear looking after it by washing in a gentle detergent and warm water and allowing it to hang dry without wringing it out excessively. Please do not leave it scrunched up in the bottom of your sports bag after each swim.

Investing in a quality swimsuit that is specifically designed for regular pool use will see your purchase last for a very long time and will prove to be excellent value for money.

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color up your life® A new swimwear collection from SUNFLAIR®

Its not everyday we see a whole new collection of swimwear from luxury brand SUNFLAIR®!


Next month will see the arrival of a brand new range that has been created in response to the strong fashion trend for single colour swimwear and making use of recyclable materials that is great for the environment.

This innovative swimwear collections is taking a stand against the ever increasing amount of rubbish that makes its way into oceans every year.

71107                                                          71109

Who would have thought that old fishing nets could end up looking so beautiful! ReNew Cult® is made from Econyl® that makes good use of pre and post production of nets and other synthetic fibres. Modern technology has allowed a swimsuit fabric to be created that offers UV protection, breathability, avoids pilling, is quick drying and has two- way stretch.


This new range from SUNFLAIR® is available in a variety of bikini seperates and one piece swimsuits, all in rainbow of colours from size 8-18 and from cup size A-G, which means there is lots of ladies who can do a good deed for the environment and have a perfect fitting swimsuit at the same time.

These new additions will be begin arriving at our retailers in May 18.

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Why you should stock award winning SUNFLAIR® swimwear in your boutique.


SUNFLAIR® swimwear is so much more than just another collection of swimsuits. Designed and manufactured in Germany from superior quality fabric featuring all the latest styles and colours influenced by the current European catwalk trends, will ensure that even the most discerning customer will fall in love with her new swimsuit.

No matter what your customers love in a swimsuit SUNFLAIR® will have the perfect one. With two collections released each year in addition to expected one-piece swimsuits and bikini styles, there is tankinis, maternity, shapewear, chlorine resistant, skirted, matching resort style fashion pieces and a men’s range.


For the last eight years in a row, SUNFLAIR® has won the prestigious SOUS award for the best selling swimwear brand, voted on by a prestigious panel. Not only is this a great selling point when introducing the brand to new customers, but it is proof that this quality and innovative product easily builds brand loyalty which means sales and great stock turnover.


SUNFLAIR® takes resort wear to a whole new level. Beautiful pieces that can be worn with swimwear or for dining out with friends. Skirts, dresses, caftans, wraps and jackets in glorious colours are great for upselling.

To ensure you are never without stock, there is a collection of classic black and white pieces that can be ordered at any time of the year, and to help your customers build the perfect bikini as one size definitely does not fit all, there is an ever expanding collection of separates. Add to this flexibility the availability of some styles available up to an F cup, it ensures so many women will be able to enjoy these fabulous collections.

Every women deserves to feel confident and look beautiful when they head to the beach or the pool and the SUNFLAIR® brand is the perfect way to help your customers do just that.

Please email to discover how easily you can have this best selling brand in your boutique.



How to care for your swimsuit!

Investing in a good swimsuit, can make all the difference in how you feel when you spend time at the beach or by the pool. The quality fabric and fit will help you achieve the best possible shape for all your curves, it will support your bust and can even help to flatten the tummy if you pick the right style for your individual shape.


“Summer Night Leaf” from OPERA (R)

Every time you wear your swimsuit you expose it to harsh chemicals, salt water and sunscreen that can all have a detrimental effect on the quality of the fibres. With a little care you will see your swimsuit last for a long time and you will enjoy the difference a well made swimsuit can make.


“Laguna Animals” from SUNFLAIR (R)

Follows these simple steps and your swimsuit will thank you!

  1. Rinse your swimsuit after every wear in clean water. Ideally it should be hand washed in clean water approximately 30C. Use a gentle detergent that has been well dissolved.
  2. Rinse well in clean water to remove all traces of the detergent.
  3. Do not wring out your swimsuit to remove excess water. If you want it to dry quickly, roll it up in a fresh towel to remove as much water as possible.
  4. Never hang a swimsuit in the sun to dry. Always hang it in the shade and gently pull it into shape whilst it is still wet, rather than leaving it crinkled.
  5. If you must put it in a washing machine, place it in a lingerie wash bag to help protect it and only use warm not hot wash.
  6. When it is dry, store it hanging up in your wardrobe rather than folded up in a drawer. It will hold its shape much better.

If you are a very regular swimmer, purchasing a swimsuit made with chlorine resistant XTRA LIFE (TM) fabric could be a very beneficial choice as these swimsuits are specifically designed to be long lasting.


“Scandic Sky” from SUNFLAIR (R) features ‘Chlorine Proof’ fabric.

Taking care of your swimwear is worth the little effort required and you will enjoy months of swimming fun.

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5 Easy Ways To Get Smooth Swimsuit Ready Skin

Smooth skin has a healthy glow and when you are stepping out in a swimsuit there is plenty of skin on show. Removing dead skin cells on a regular basis and then keeping your fresh skin moisturised only takes a few minutes with these 5 easy ideas.


dry skin brush

(Image Credit –

Dry skin brushing each morning before your shower helps to buff off dry skin cells and is a great way to boost your immunity at the same time.

A long handled brush is all your need to get started on this healthy way to maintain your skin. Starting at your feet, use small circular motions in a clockwise direction and work up until your reach your chin. It is not advisable to use a skin brush on your face as it can be too harsh and abrasive for the delicate facial skin.



(Image Credit –

During warmer weather it is vital for healthy skin that you drink plenty of water. A minimum of 1 1/2 litres is recommend daily. Drinking lots of water helps to plump up your skin cells and increases the release of free radicals that damage the skin in the early stages of development. Add some cucumber slices, lemon slices and a few mint leaves to help it taste a little more appetising and really boost your body’s ability to detoxify.



Used coffee grinds can quickly be turned into a super effective skin scrub, that will exfoliate quickly and easily leaving your skin glowing. Try a quick test on the back of your hand first and you will see what an amazing difference it makes.

In a small bowl combine 2 tbsp. of coffee grinds, 2 tbsp. of sugar, and 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Mix until well combined and take it in to the shower with you. Dampen your skin with warm water and then apply the scrub to all your skin except your face and gently rub it over the surface. Rinse off well and pat your skin dry. This is an easy thing to do whilst your conditioner is in your hair and doing it’s thing.



(Image Credit –

Salt is another kitchen staple that makes the best body scrub.

Simply combine 1/2 cup of salt and 1/8 cup coconut oil in a small bowl and apply in the same way as the above scrub. A scrub containing salt also has great antiseptic properties just like a swim in the ocean and will be very beneficial if your skin has small cuts or abrasions. Just avoid applying the scrub directly to these sensitive spots but you will receive the benefits of it as you rinse the scrub off.



(Image Credit –

No matter which method you choose to use to remove the dead skin cells, applying a good moisturiser after your shower is vital to protect all those fresh new cells.

Apply a liberal amount of your favourite moisturiser or simply use pure coconut oil, which obviously contains no chemicals and does a fabulous job at absorbing quickly and leaving your skin super smooth. You will feel like your on a tropical island holiday, everyday!



How to feel good wearing a bikini!

In Europe it is not uncommon to see more women wearing a bikini than not when you at the beach. Unfortunately in the Southern hemisphere so many women have decided to leave bikini wearing to only those that are under 20 and are super slim.

Just because you might have a few lumps and bumps or a bulge or two does not mean you have to avoid wearing a bikini. Most other beachgoers wont even give you a second glance and really it does not matter if they do. Wearing a bikini is not the domain of the young anyone can do it and with these tips you might even enjoy it!

bikini body

1. Its really that easy!

2. Get a bikini that fits perfectly.

If you have a body that is top or bottom heavy, finding a bikini on the rack that fits properly is going to be very hard and that is a surefire way to ensure you never actually wear one in the water. There is an easy way to combat this issue and that is to purchase your bikini as two separate pieces. This ensures that the top and bottom are ‘custom made’ for your shape, such as these great choices from SUNFLAIR®.

21155       21142

3. Add a little fake tan!

A splash of colour in a bottle and a couple of hours is all your need to get those lily white legs water ready. Fake tan also creates an optical illusion of smoother skin and defines muscle tone, that’s a winning combination.

4. Better looking belly!

If your tummy is not as flat as you would like it to be you don’t have to avoid wearing a bikini because of it. There plenty of current swimwear styles that feature bikini’s with a larger pant that has the top sitting closer to your waist than way below it. This one from OPERA® would be a perfect choice.


5. Change the game plan!

If one of your goals for 2018 is to lose weight, the kindest thing you can do to your plans is to stopping stepping on the scales. Focus your exercise on building more muscle mass. Lean muscle does weigh the same as fat unlike that falsehood statement thrown around all the time by fitness fanatics ‘fat weighs more than muscle’. It is about 20% less bulky though so more muscle and less fat does equal a leaner shape and boosts your metabolism as an added bonus. Use a tape measure to record your success as it will be much more rewarding.

6. A better bust!

Help your boobs look the best they can be by choosing a bikini with plenty of inbuilt support. Your shape will be more defined and you will feel more secure as you bob up and down in the waves. This SUNFLAIR® bikini has it all.


Have fun in the sun this summer and don’t forget the sunscreen. Sharing the same shade as a lobster is never a good look.

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