5 Easy Ways To Get Smooth Swimsuit Ready Skin

Smooth skin has a healthy glow and when you are stepping out in a swimsuit there is plenty of skin on show. Removing dead skin cells on a regular basis and then keeping your fresh skin moisturised only takes a few minutes with these 5 easy ideas.


dry skin brush

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Dry skin brushing each morning before your shower helps to buff off dry skin cells and is a great way to boost your immunity at the same time.

A long handled brush is all your need to get started on this healthy way to maintain your skin. Starting at your feet, use small circular motions in a clockwise direction and work up until your reach your chin. It is not advisable to use a skin brush on your face as it can be too harsh and abrasive for the delicate facial skin.



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During warmer weather it is vital for healthy skin that you drink plenty of water. A minimum of 1 1/2 litres is recommend daily. Drinking lots of water helps to plump up your skin cells and increases the release of free radicals that damage the skin in the early stages of development. Add some cucumber slices, lemon slices and a few mint leaves to help it taste a little more appetising and really boost your body’s ability to detoxify.



Used coffee grinds can quickly be turned into a super effective skin scrub, that will exfoliate quickly and easily leaving your skin glowing. Try a quick test on the back of your hand first and you will see what an amazing difference it makes.

In a small bowl combine 2 tbsp. of coffee grinds, 2 tbsp. of sugar, and 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Mix until well combined and take it in to the shower with you. Dampen your skin with warm water and then apply the scrub to all your skin except your face and gently rub it over the surface. Rinse off well and pat your skin dry. This is an easy thing to do whilst your conditioner is in your hair and doing it’s thing.



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Salt is another kitchen staple that makes the best body scrub.

Simply combine 1/2 cup of salt and 1/8 cup coconut oil in a small bowl and apply in the same way as the above scrub. A scrub containing salt also has great antiseptic properties just like a swim in the ocean and will be very beneficial if your skin has small cuts or abrasions. Just avoid applying the scrub directly to these sensitive spots but you will receive the benefits of it as you rinse the scrub off.



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No matter which method you choose to use to remove the dead skin cells, applying a good moisturiser after your shower is vital to protect all those fresh new cells.

Apply a liberal amount of your favourite moisturiser or simply use pure coconut oil, which obviously contains no chemicals and does a fabulous job at absorbing quickly and leaving your skin super smooth. You will feel like your on a tropical island holiday, everyday!




How to feel good wearing a bikini!

In Europe it is not uncommon to see more women wearing a bikini than not when you at the beach. Unfortunately in the Southern hemisphere so many women have decided to leave bikini wearing to only those that are under 20 and are super slim.

Just because you might have a few lumps and bumps or a bulge or two does not mean you have to avoid wearing a bikini. Most other beachgoers wont even give you a second glance and really it does not matter if they do. Wearing a bikini is not the domain of the young anyone can do it and with these tips you might even enjoy it!

bikini body

1. Its really that easy!

2. Get a bikini that fits perfectly.

If you have a body that is top or bottom heavy, finding a bikini on the rack that fits properly is going to be very hard and that is a surefire way to ensure you never actually wear one in the water. There is an easy way to combat this issue and that is to purchase your bikini as two separate pieces. This ensures that the top and bottom are ‘custom made’ for your shape, such as these great choices from SUNFLAIR®.

21155       21142

3. Add a little fake tan!

A splash of colour in a bottle and a couple of hours is all your need to get those lily white legs water ready. Fake tan also creates an optical illusion of smoother skin and defines muscle tone, that’s a winning combination.

4. Better looking belly!

If your tummy is not as flat as you would like it to be you don’t have to avoid wearing a bikini because of it. There plenty of current swimwear styles that feature bikini’s with a larger pant that has the top sitting closer to your waist than way below it. This one from OPERA® would be a perfect choice.


5. Change the game plan!

If one of your goals for 2018 is to lose weight, the kindest thing you can do to your plans is to stopping stepping on the scales. Focus your exercise on building more muscle mass. Lean muscle does weigh the same as fat unlike that falsehood statement thrown around all the time by fitness fanatics ‘fat weighs more than muscle’. It is about 20% less bulky though so more muscle and less fat does equal a leaner shape and boosts your metabolism as an added bonus. Use a tape measure to record your success as it will be much more rewarding.

6. A better bust!

Help your boobs look the best they can be by choosing a bikini with plenty of inbuilt support. Your shape will be more defined and you will feel more secure as you bob up and down in the waves. This SUNFLAIR® bikini has it all.


Have fun in the sun this summer and don’t forget the sunscreen. Sharing the same shade as a lobster is never a good look.

How long is




Caftans are the classy way to stay cool in summer!

When the weather is hot and humid, it can be really difficult to find something smart to wear that won’t leave you in a sweat!

Caftans were all the rage in the 60’s and 70’s and then they lost favour for a while. Many fashion styles go full circle over time and caftans are very much back in fashion. They are glamorous and casual all at the same time and their loose design and fit makes them the perfect choice for a warm day.

Dress them up with heels and a little bling, or dress them down depending on where you are going. Either way you will look fabulous and be really comfortable. You can choose from full length or a shorter variety that looks great teamed with a pair of pants or shorts.


‘City Inca’ from SUNFLAIR®


‘Colour Bang’ from SUNFLAIR®


‘Sea Fantasy’ from OPERA®


‘Mumbai Calling’ from SUNFLAIR®


‘Garden Dots’ from SUNFLAIR®

These are just a few of the beautiful resort wear pieces that have just been released in Australia and New Zealand. They really are so versatile and look great at the beach or out for lunch. The hardest part is picking just one.

For the complete look, each of these caftans has matching swimwear in both bikini’s and one-pieces for a totally co-ordinated look.

Which one is your favourite?

Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2017

Months of preparation and planning are needed to put on a spectacular show like the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival and once again FASH’N SPLASH were grateful to be part of this special 10th Anniversary event.

Showcasing SUNFLAIR® and OPERA® and giving the press and public a glimpse into the new season swimwear that will arrive later this year, benefits all our retailers as it boosts public knowledge of our brands. The extensive press coverage filters way beyond just the local area of the Sunshine Coast.


It takes a crowd to get our swimwear on the runway and one of the best things about this parade is that models of all sizes and ages are used to really help show the public that you can look fabulous in a swimsuit even if you are not 18 years old and a size 6!


A few beauties in black ready to shine in SUNFLAIR® and OPERA®!


‘Sea Dome’ from SUNFLAIR® ready to dazzle the crowd! (left and right)


A few snippets from the stage, including some very cool SUNMAN®!

Image credits (@fletcher_photograpghy_aus 1-4 & @itsliammckenzie 5-6)

A very big thankyou to all the cast and crew that work tirelessly to stage such a world class event that we are very grateful to participate in. Enhancing the reputation of our brands is vital for all our success and being part of a world class event such as this one is very worthwhile.

Why not get a group of girlfriends together and have a fun weekend away….next year!

Swimwear For Real Women!

It really can be disheartening to see magazines or brochures for swimwear that are full of slim and stunning models. Of course they look fabulous, that’s why they are paid to fun around for hours with very little on, and together with a little photoshop tinkering they look totally amazing.

The reality is that very few women look that fabulous in a swimsuit and most women, no matter what size they are will think they look terrible. Swimsuit confidence can be hard to find but thankfully there are a few things to look out for when buying your next swimsuit that can make all the difference.

Bringing Booty Back 5

We are all different shapes and sizes and looking forward to going swimming and enjoying time in the great outdoors is much more important than whether you have lumps or bumps.

Just have a look at these amazing women who are known as the Vintage Calendar Girls and they were fabulous models for our SUNFLAIR® and OPERA® swimsuits last month as part of the ‘Bringing Booty Back’ event. This was part of the Horizon Festival and was held in beautiful Eumundi at the Imperial Hotel.


Tip No 1. Invest in a quality swimsuit.

A cheap swimsuit will save you dollars but the thin fabric will do nothing to give you a nice shape and more than likely will not offer good support for your bust when you really need it.

Bringing Booty Back 1

Quality fabric is considerably thicker and goes a long way to improving your shape. For exceptional tummy control and waist slimming you can not beat a SUNFLAIR® shapeWear swimsuit that has cleverly concealed panels sewn in to help create a beautiful shape.

Tip No 2. Don’t miss out on wearing a bikini.

Bringing Booty Back 3

You don’t need to skip wearing a bikini because you are worried about your ‘muffin top’, simply choose a bikini with a more generous cut pant. It will sit closer to your waist and will help hold the tummy in place.

Tip No. 3. How to hide your thighs.


If you will not let the world see your thighs and you miss out on swimming because of it, there is always a skirted swimsuit as the perfect option. Every season there is always a selection of stunning swimsuits with the added skirt that will let you look smart and classy.

Most importantly just about every other lady at the beach will think they are not flawless, and really who cares. Embrace every curve and enjoy being able to go for a swim in style.

Thank you to Rich Events Photography for these gorgeous photo’s.

Discover all the natural delights of Broome!

If you want a holiday full of exciting things to do with stunning views as a backdrop, you can’t beat a visit to Broome. This seaside town is famous for being a hub to the Australian pearl industry but there are so many other delights to discover.



Australian pearls are world famous for their quality and size and it is impossible to visit Broome and not get immersed in the luxury of these pretty spheres. There are quite a few places where you can learn all about the pearling industry and purchase the perfect holiday souvenir. 200 km north of Broome is Cygnet Bay that allows you to tour an actual pearl farm at work.



The pristine waters of Broome are the perfect playground for turtles and what better way to meet the locals than going for a paddle along the coastline for a little turtle spotting. What a fun way to get some exercise whilst on holidays!



If you love to pack some adventure into your getaway then this trip will be hard to beat. The stunning natural phenomenon of tidal surge that is Horizontal Falls is amazing in itself, but to experience this you need to hop on a seaplane to Talbot Bay and when you have had an adrenalin packed falls experience, you can meet the local sharks from the safety of a huge shark proof cage. Full on fabulous!



A visit to Aqua Broome will let you meet ALL the local sea life but you don’t have to get wet! This attraction has lots of displays that feature marine creatures that call northern Western Australia home so you will see some unique fish species.


As the sun starts to set, why not enjoy the spectacular scene on a gentle walk along the beach on the back of a camel. There are a few companies that offer these tours so you can truly enjoy seeing the sun go down.


Once the sun has set, the best views are straight up. Astro Tours will allow you to marvel at the most stunning skies with telescopes that will help make the most of the pollution free views that have to be seen to be believed. This really has to be one of the most beautiful ways to spend a couple of hours.

Before you dip your toe into the warm ocean make sure you call into Azure Beach and Resort Wear on Johnny Chi Lane in Chinatown that stock a large selection of our swimwear.



Fun For All The Family In Port Macquarie



Port Macquarie is a beautiful coastal city in New South Wales that is home to stunning beaches, rain forest and national parks that is easily accessible by car or plane. You could easily just spend your days walking along miles of beaches and swimming in the sea, but if you like your holiday to include some fun activities, there are plenty of fun things to do.


GO FOR A RIDE – Depending on the pace you prefer why not try a camel ride along the beach, a horseback ride in the surrounding hills or if you like things super fast you must try Wave Rider. This unique boat will have you cruising around the picturesque waters at 100km per hour for a whale watching tour with a difference.


Image Credit – Port News

TALK TO THE ANIMALS – Not only can you talk to the animals, you can cuddle them, feed them and take lots of cute photo’s with them at Billabong Zoo. There are over 80 species that call this place home and there are lots of interactive activities that you can join in to. Cuddling a Koala should definitely be on your wish list.


WALK THROUGH THE RAIN FOREST – Sea Acres Rain Forest Centre allows you to marvel at the natural beauty of coast rain forest habitat with a 13km elevated boardwalk that allows you to walk at your own pace as you discover plants and animals that call this place home. You can also join in an Aboriginal Cultural tour and sample traditional bush tucker delicacies.


MAKE A SPLASH –  Waterskiing and wakeboarding is a fun way to make lots of splashes and Stoney Park is the place to make that happen. Two man made lakes are fully equipped with jumps, ramps and slides and whether you are a beginner or expert, you will have a great day speeding around in a safe environment.

Port Macquarie offers accommodation from budget through to luxury, extensive shopping and dining opportunities and so much natural beauty that you could spend weeks there and not get bored.

Before you get wet make sure you get a beautiful new swim suit from PCHI Resort and Swimwear, Shop 9 at Port Central.